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[BOOK REVIEW] Marching with Caesar - Series

Given my affection for all things ancient Rome in the last few years I went searching for a new book series re historical fiction about Caesar and the Legions when I ran out of books for the Marius's Mules series. I read 12, but there are/were supposed to be 14 in the series. Unfortunately, last I heard the author had serious health problems and whether or not he would ever finish is/was questionable. Don't let that stop you because the series is just excellent even if you don't get to find out how it all finally ends with Legate of the 10th, Marcus Falerius Fronto.
This series is different as we get to see everything from a different POV. A more personal level if you will. The following link provides a terrific resource about the series; much better than I could provide. I'm just half way through the 2nd book and am looking forward to the next 15!! :p
This gets an easy "mTk Seal of Approval." Enjoy!
Off to go look at some of the maps. They're a bit hard to make out on my 8" tablet.