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[BOOK REVIEW] Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes

This is a @Luke Huges ("Burden of Command") recommended book.

It is novel of war about a company of US Marines in Vietnam based on Karl Marlantes' own personal combat experiences as a USMC lieutenant in that conflict. It took him 30 years to complete this work. I couldn't put it down. It is exceptional and intense. Every student of military history should read it.

Hmm. Finished it. Lots of things to like about it, but...
Author loses focus frequently and we get several pages of a character's random thoughts that do nothing for the story or character development. I found myself frequently flipping forward pages until I found some dialogue.
Then he will often get preachy about something for unnecessary lengths. If I wanted a book on society's ills, circa 1969, there are better books out there. Again...more flipping.
Their are gratuitous deaths for no other reason I can tell other than to just shock the reader because nothing of note has happened lately. Particularly near the end.
The end? Uh, there wasn't one as far as I can tell. If the author spent 30 years writing this he should have spent another 10 and added an ending. Really. It just stops. I went to turn the page and got a glossary for terms. WTF!? It was like after 30 years he got tired and just quit writing. If true he should have mentioned it.
Anyway, I really wanted to recommend it, but just can't. Not bad by any means. Just can't help but think there are better Vietnam books to be had.
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