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[BOOK REVIEW] "The Greek Generals Talk" & "The Trojan Generals Talk" by Phillip Parotti

If I were a literary critic, I might opine that, "Thirty years ago, author Phillip Parotti conceived a wondrous conceit; the individual reminiscences by leading men present, recollecting their own first hand exploits on the plains of Troy from the sunset years of decline and old age". I'm not a literary critic but I know good stories when I read them. These are collections of a dozen short stories imagined about the generals mentioned on boths sides in Homer's "Illiad". I really enjoyed them. They are out of print but available in academic libraries and the stacks of used book sellers. Good hunting and good reading.

The Greek Generals Talk: Memoirs of the Trojan War
by Phillip Parotti

The Trojan Generals Talk: Memoirs of the Greek War
by Phillip Parotti