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[BOOKS] Vietnam War


FGM Lance Corporal
Mar 24, 2018
New Zealand
Hello chaps,

My contribution to this sub forum is (but not limited to) the Vietnam War.

Fiction (but based on real experiences)

The 13th Valley by John M Del Vecchio

Quite an amazing journey into the depths of what it means to be human. The novel reveals in great detail the change a person goes through from green private to veteran infantryman, while also discussing in depth the politics and problems of that time.

Keith W. Nolan

The late Keith Nolan was in my opinion the best Vietnam War historian - all his books cover specific battles or operations throughout the Vietnam War. His writing style is fluid and story like, with gripping detail of battle with a prime focus on the experiences of the front line soldier under fire and in combat. I cannot recommend his books enough.

The Hill Fights by Edward Murphy

A fascinating recount of the battle for the hills around the Khe Sahn base. The combat on the hills was savage and visits the period in which the hills were fought for in gripping detail.

The Last Valley by Martin WIndrow

Another fascinating and highly detailed story but this time around the siege of Dien Bien Phu. The level of detail of the combat and conditions during this historic and some would say world changing siege make this history book an absolute must read for anyone who is fascinated by the story's of your common soldier and what war was like for them on scales we possibly will never see again.

Of course special mention to Matterhorn which i rank as high as The 13th Valley with numerous other authors who i'll cover off in another post.