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Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal - Pacific War Naval Warfare

I have had it since the iOS days and am on the beta team, though I find little time to play it these days, but pitch in with opinions about new features etc. The dev is very dedicated and continously expand with new features and tweak old things. But being a lone dev he has limits of course. Check reviews on Steam. I would get the PC version, but it on Android and iOS as well.
There are many things to like about the game if you're into its board game roots. It has PBEM as well. From what I know, there is no other game like this on the market today.
This is the only naval game I have played so I have nothing to compare with. With that said, the game has good AI. Despite the board game look it has FOW and a big part of your tactics need to search for the oppo force and determine the size of it while judging how to put up CAP to protect you own forces. It happens quite often that there is an incoming strike detected too late for you to react to it. This happens even more when you play the US side with the longer range capabilities of the IJN. As far as I can tell the AI doesn't "cheat" but plays according to the exact same rules as you do.
There is a lot more to the game than meets the eye from just looking at screenshots. Scenarios have a lot of replayability with optional forces/setup etc and you can play both sides.
You can always buy the game on Steam and get a refund (is it within 24h) if you don't like it.
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