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Chariot Lords Tournament Sign Ups - Iron Age Mayhem! Sign up by 18FEB19.


FGM Captain
Welcome to the sign up thread for the Chariot Lords Tournament! Can you master warfare in the Biblical age?

Leaving the excellent campaign work to @Rico (who wants to compete with that), I have decided to run a different Field of Glory II tourney format.

There are no limits to players, but the sign ups will be closed in one week, 18 February, 2019. The tourney will work as follows.......

  1. Group play followed by an elimination bracket. Very similar to the World Cup.
  2. Each player will play every other player in his group (four players per group), rotating through 3 factions so that each player plays with each faction. Every player is guaranteed three games, regardless of results. I will work out the schedule and inform the players when I know how many players we have signed up. The winner of the Group advances to elimination bracket play.
  3. The Army lists are centered around 612 BC, the last full year of the unified Neo-Assyrian Empire.
  4. Group play factions Army Lists in play will be Assyrian 681-609BC, Egypt 664-571BC, Sparta 680-461BC, Babylonia 626-539BC, Hebrew 681-586BC, Median 626-550BC, and more if we have enough for a third / fourth group. This means you may see Skythians, Cimmerians, Greeks, Urartians, and Phoenicians!
  5. Group scoring will be 3 points for a victory by inflicting 40% loss/rout and 26% more than your own, 2 points by getting the enemy to cross the 60% loss barrier first, 1 point for a draw.....both sides over 60% or game turns run out.
  6. All battles will be medium size, Desert or Mediterranean agricultural maps.
  7. Elimination play will be a simple bracket that depends on how many groups we have in play. The battles will be mirrored Assyrian - Babylonia slugfests.
  8. Yes, a tourney ribbon will be designed and issued! Win, and you get the star symbol as well!

For any newbies, the battles are very quick to run and so, so fun. So sharpen your spears, polish your shields, and above all, prepare your Chariots! Who will be champion?

Questions can be posted to this thread or messaged to me directly.


I'm in!

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