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Christmas Present "Fields Warriors Tournaments"


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Dec 27, 2015
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I have decided that my next tournament will actually be two Tournaments

I will host one for CMBN and one for CMSF ( What , What did you say, thats correct ) so if you like modern stuff or WWII, there is a chance for you to join.

So spread the Joyful news far and wide. For those brave souls that can bear playing for 5 rounds. A tournament that last at least 10 months, playing in battles that you have never seen before and having to play hopefully 5 different opponants. Then commit yourself to the best Tournament that anyone can offer and join us as I plan to kick off these Tournaments this Holiday season.
When you say you will host one for CMBN and one for CMSF, does that mean they will be separate tournaments?
Do you have a target for when the CMBN may start?


But I also know many have vacations around this time of year, so there will be flex in how it starts for sure.

In truth, I have done nothing yet in pereping battles. Just started CMSF today. So more likely these Tournaments will not start until close to January
When you say you will host one for CMBN and one for CMSF, does that mean they will be separate tournaments?

Yes, separate tournaments.

You can do either one or both if you like. If you are new to it, that means to commit to one game at a time for each tournament. They are generally 30 turn games and we like a turn rate that finishes within two months.
yes, Shock Force 2, and yes you will likely need all expansions.

I cannot gareentee which ones might be used, but I will not design trying to hold to the base game. Its a pain in the butt unless I install a second version seperate on my machine and then it also limits what I can create , if it was one battle, not a problem. 5 battles, Boring, not going to happen.

So sorry if you are a base game owner only. But I am not here to plesae you on that type of request.

StoneAge I will count you in on CMBN
Count me in for both, @SlySniper. Will I need to upgrade to the latest patch for each? (V2.06 for SF2 and V4.04 for BN)

Also, how come the change of heart? You said you had no plans for another tournament until the new year and now you throw us this bone. There goes my relaxed Xmas and New Year
Totally fine with no CMSF 2, that is why I flagged it thought it could be an issue.
Also I have decided to modify how I score the matches slightly. The new scoring format is

The format is you will be given a selected force. Your mission will be to do the best you can with the situation you have been given and you will be compared to those playing the same side as you. The Tournament points will be awarded to the top 50 percent from each side of the battle.

So in other words, your side could be very challenging, but perform better than 50 percent of the players playing that side of the battle and you have won and will be given a point value as to how you have done.

Winners will get a score of somewhere between 70 to 100 points per match depending on how they have performed to each other. So best player will receive 100 points, lowest winner will receive 70 points, and everyone else is somewhere in between calculated by the where their game score lands in the results.

Also new is there will be 5 points awarded for those teams that get done in advance of the scheduled time for a match.

There will also be a (-)5 point deduction for those players that have caused a battle to go longer than the expected dead line.

This new format will provide a potential for a player that has won less games but has scored high to pass a player that has won more games but has just made the cut.
example player A wins 3 games scoring 100, 100, 90 : total 290
player B wins four games scoring 70, 75, 70, 72: total 287