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CMCW 2v2 on new map

It sounded to me that @olaf would rather play this as one defender. I didn’t want to play it single since my machine was struggling with the large map. If he’d rather play with a partner, I’m still interested. Less units to move makes the struggling less frustrating. So, I’m good either way.
Have been a bit busy with 1/1 work deadlines, post care and Christmas, New Year etc. We have lockdown again here so I'm visiting or receiving family and or friends when I can.

But, I think we can just go ahead and select forces on this one. @JTimo and @olaf can decide on Blue while @Aurelius @nektoman and me will have to select Red forces. Keep the selection discrete and we can ask @Bartimeus to make the purchase.

I was thinking of these settings:
Large red probe
June 1979
Ground: dry
Time: dawn or day
So please for the setup :
One side(let's say defense) will buy and place his unit on the map(in the editor) of the battle itself and send it me.
The other side(attack) will do a simple file in the editor with and send it to me.
I will use the map send from Side one and import the unit from the file send by side 2.
Thanks you all and good fight!
Someone have the link toward the map with the objectif you chose implented on it and rezised?
We are also contemplating our force selection, I've send map to @Bartimeus. I didn't put points on the objective (because not much experience, I thought we'll know who won afterwards plus the endscreen is not that important) but maybe Bartimeus will put some.

Good weekend all!
As you are all seasoned player, i didnt put point on the objective. I'm sure the side who will get wipe out will concede defeat in all honesty.
I send the map to the defender team.
Please attack team send me your selection when it's ready in a form of a editor file(jsut open the editor, select your force and save it).
I have the map from defense team. Waiting attack and then : let's fight !!
@olaf @JTimo @Aurelius @nektoman

I have created the dropbox, shared it with USA team and put the first file. I've also created a dropbox for USSR team, which we will use to share saves. Since the latest lockdown here ended yesterday, I will be mostly out of the house this weekend.

GL & HF!
Ok whats the status now? Is it my turn or someone elses? And what is the pw?
Well, I am in a planning phase for the Soviets. I see some files appeared in the folder, so there is that. You should talk to your team mate about procedure for the turn resolution and setting a separate db folder for the two of you.
Ok whats the status now? Is it my turn or someone elses? And what is the pw?
I sent the password in our private message thread. Also posted some further information in that same thread. Turn 1 is in the hands of the red team. We get to do our setup, and turn one plots when they finish.