This was released by Matrix yesterday

I read the AAR posted on the Wargamer front pages the other day and my interest was piqued by it, I've never played the original version.

Its a small download approx 25Mb, and it runs ok. Sports a multi-window interface but there doesn't seem to be much shuffling about to be done. Maps seem a bit "Steel Panthers", counters are functional, but I like the multi-phase planning, and scale of it - so far. Just been dabbling in the tutorial/getting started scenario.

The Scale:
"Every hex on the map equals 1/2 kilometer (500 metres). Units are companies (150+ men and 12 or more tanks). Artillery Units are primarily battalions (about 12 guns). Each turn represents 2 hours (4 hours at night). During winter scenarios there are 6 daylight turns and 3 night turns. During non-winter scenarios there are 8 daylight turns and 2 night turns."

I think its at a tactical/Grand tactical scale, and you can fire over distance. Arty covers several ranges, in the tutorial scenario you have a self propelled gun which covers about 6 hexes range, whereas you have large arty field guns covering 26 hex range. In direct fire phase infantry can shoot across 2 hexes but with some attack penalties. Assault phase requires adjacent placing. Flanking bonuses apply. The combat resolution table for assault seems to be similar to SSG's games. However, if your intell on the enemy unit is patchy so will the CR table data. Artillery also skews the CR table data, I think. Supply is covered automagically from map assigned Supply bases and HQ's are required for command bonuses. HQ re-assignment is available (in a similar way to Advanced Tactics).

I've just finished the tutorial scenario, and I must say I like the simplicity, and the tactical options at play. There were minefields, dragons teeth, bridges out, and engineers sorted this lot out. The arty is suitably fulfilling when you haven't quite closed the gap with your ground troops. The attacks are built up in a similar way that Advanced Tactics/WtP does, selecting participants based on range for appropriate attack types. So you can share out the carnage amongst the enemy troops in range.

I followed the manual guide about half way, but my arty cleared the SS out of the town they were entrenched in, so I winged it from there myself. I must say, about half way through the guide, I was ready to take over such is the simplicity of the command mechanics.

Just loaded up one of the larger scenarios for a look-see, and I'm quite impressed with the size of the map. Here's a shot of the Kasserine pass scenario, with the OOB displayed:

Overall I like.