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D-Day Crops - Choosing Crop tiles for June, July and August


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Apr 19, 2021
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London Ontario Canada
Crop 1 - Wheat
If assuming winter wheat then it has been harvested. Use ploughed with haystacks.
If assuming spring wheat then use tile #1 'short'
Do not use tile #2 'tall'

Crop 2 - Oats
If assuming winter oats then use tile #4 'tall'
If assuming spring oats then use tile #3 'short'

Crop 3 - Flax
Use only tile #5 'short'
Do not use tile #6 'tall'.

Crop 1 - Wheat: Can use either ploughed with stacks or #2 'tall' (with poppies if using Hedgerow Hell mod)
Crop 2 - Oats: Use only #4 tall, never #3
If using Hedgerow Hell's mod use #4 with weeds if winter oats
Crop 3 - Flax - Use only #6 tall, never #5

Crop 1 - Wheat:
Winter wheat fields are fallow.
Spring wheat should be #2 'tall. If using Hedgerow Hell's mod, then use tall with poppies.
Crop 2 - Oats:
Winter oats are in the process of being harvested. All or a portion of the field can be stubble, #1 short with stacks.
Spring oats are #4 'tall'. If using Hedgerow Hell then tall with cornflowers.
Crop 3 - Flax: #6 tall (with poppies) OR stubble tile from Hedgerow Hell.
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Thank you, Kandu :) excellent info for realistic fields. Wonder if anyone's familiar with the fields in Russia/Poland?

Here is a starting point from Wiki. Note the comments "View regional crop calendars". So you could search for example 'Crop calendar wheat Ukraine 1941'. That's what I did for Normandy. I searched on wheat, oats and flax. Good luck.

The winter-crop planting season stretches over nearly three months. The sowing campaign begins in August in the north and advances southward, concluding in late October in the Southern provinces.

Spring grain planting in European Russia usually begins in April and progresses from south to north.

The "summer" crops—chiefly maize (corn) and sunflowers—are last to be sown, and planting approaches completion by late May or early June.

The harvest of small grains (chiefly wheat and barley) moves from south to north and begins in late June in extreme southern Russia. Harvest operations are in full swing by early July and largely finished by mid-to-late August.

Maize and sunflower harvest begins in September and continues through October. (View regional crop calendars.)

In the spring wheat region, planting typically begins in May. Oats are sown first, followed by wheat, then barley. Planting is concluded by June.

Spring wheat advances through the reproductive stage during mid-July, when temperatures climb to their highest levels and grains are most vulnerable to heat stress. Grain harvest begins in late August and continues through October. It is not unusual for a significant portion of the Russian grain crop—millions of hectares in some years—to remain unharvested, due chiefly to unfavorable weather during the harvest campaign. In an average year, 10 percent of the area planted to spring wheat is abandoned compared to 97 percent of the country's winter wheat area.
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Thank you for the Wiki, Kandu, no idea they had that, very practical. And it shows why the sunflower fields were so prevalent during the Kursk battle.