Decisive Campaigns: The Blitzkrieg From Warsaw To Paris


Nov 5, 2009
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Decisive Campaigns is one of those games aimed entirely at folk who like to really get into the nuts and bolts of high level command. The official blurb over at Matrix Games states...

Well researched and packed with depth, including detailed unit data down to the squad and vehicle level and historically realistic combined arms gameplay, The Blitzkrieg from Warsaw to Paris also features an easy-to-learn interface and a ferocious AI. Before each campaign, players choose actions and options at a strategic level which can have far-reaching effects on how the actual battle unfolds, with many plausible hypothetical outcomes.
If I was retired gentleman sitting in my study with a vintage single malt and an expensive cigar burning away in an ash tray I may have time to play this game. Each turn is absolutely massive. A recent game I was involved in required you to cycle through a huge amount of units offering up 600-700 individual move points etc. This basically was the death knell of the game for me. There was just too much to do and I had so little time.

But don't let my experience in any way taint this game as bad. It is not bad.. far from it. It has a fantastic depth to it which a true lover of history will enjoy getting lost in. The zoomed in graphics are crisp and fresh but they do deteriorate a little when zoom all the way out. Also when zoomed in it is hard to get a feel for exactly where you are in the overall grand scheme of things.

One thing I didn't like was the combat system. The battles are fought and then you are presented with a strange set of battle results set in rounds. You can then look through each round choosing the enemy unit you wish to analyse and see how they fared each round within the battle. This detracts from the feeling of combat and makes the game slightly less believable. Its like having dice rolls in a strategy game.... I don't mind the dice roll.. I just don't want to see it. It suspends my belief.

The card system again suspends belief but is actually quite fun. You can play cards during your turn which will affect the policy you adopt in the game. For example... in Operation Sealion as the British defenders I had the choice of rustling up a new armoured unit in my capital or spraying poisonous gas onto the Germans as they disembarked their landing craft. Gas it was. It is nice to see these cards and to choose the course of your command.

In closing... a fair game if high level in depth strategy is your thing... for the casual gamer I believe they will drown or tire having to move so many units as it soon becomes a chore.
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