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Dismounted Soldier Training System


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Oct 11, 2010
Castelar, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina.
The Dismounted Soldier Training System (DSTS) is the virtual simulation for infantry, and one of several virtual training systems available to U.S. and partner-nation forces in Europe, to simulate dismounted Soldier operations.- It's a virtual reality environment with unlimited mission possibilities.-


The DSTS provides a realistic virtual training platform programmable for any theater of operations while mitigating risks to Soldiers. While the DSTS does not replace training, the system augments exercises by providing the ability to change or repeat scenarios multiple times. The DSTS is a cost effective virtual system that allows squads and teams to refine tactics and conduct rehearsals.-

This system gives the power of simulation to the squad in order to close the gap of individual soldier training and collective training.-


"The Dismounted Soldier Training System is an individualized virtual reality type of simulator," said David Cherouny, systems technician with Intelligent Decision, a Department of Defense contracted training entity. "We can immerse the Soldier into a realistic environment, hit him with realistic situations where he is going to have to make decisions and react accordingly."-

The Virtual Soldier Manned Module Subsystem consists of: a helmet mounted display that includes an integrated head tracker; noise cancellation stereo headphones and microphone for voice and radio communications; a man-wearable assembly; a computer backpack for processing and display of the 3-D virtual environment with the head mounted display; a human-sensor network for tracking body positions; and instrumented simulated weapons with optic, sights and scopes and Haptic feedback pad.-

The DSTS is capable of providing mountainous, wooded and desert terrain features and is able to create other operational environments as requested.-
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Been to a few VBS demonstrations. It certainly has it's uses but nothing beats getting your boots dirty on the ground.