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Does anyone play the Total War games?

I do play it, lately I'm very into roman times so I have have play a lot of Rome 2 and AJE. I play it with the divide et imperia mod, which make a huge improvement in the game tactics mostly in the campaign. Do you play it with it?
Played RTW I quite a lot, but it won't work with Windows 10.....
I have a handful of the games, Rome II, Attila, Napoleon, Empires and Shoungun II but none installed. I'm thinking of reinstalling Rome II and get the Divide et Impera (DeI) which is supposed to be very good.
Here's a list of the mods I'll be using.

There is an American civil war mod for Empires (I think) which is OK.
I have played most of them except that fantasy title with monsters and like. I didn't like Rome 2 because of the ability to raise cities, which the AI seemed to do all the time with the result that Europe is full of desolate provinces and also that agents are too strong and make the armies almost too invincible.

I began to look at Shogun 2 a few months ago, haven't touched it for a long timesince I started my campaign, and that game seems to be quite fun with mods.
Anyone play Attila? I was looking at adding the culture packs. Are they worth it?

I purchased all the culture packs because they were on sale at Steam. I just started playing this game recently and am not all that good at it. I picked the Himyar for my first campaign learning the game. They are from "Empires of Sand" culture pack. I picked them to avoid most hordes while trying to figure things out but find them interesting to learn about.