Enfield L85 (rifle series)


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Oct 11, 2010
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The "Enfield" L85A1 is the main Great Britain army automatic rifle.- The first "bullpup" design rifles appeared in 1950-ties although only in 1974 British began to design their new "bullpup" design automatic rifle to replace out-dated L1A1 Rifles (British made FN FAL). Since 1980 the "Enfield" L85A1 is serially produced.-

"Bullpup" design features decreased rifle's length comparing with other ordinary automatic rifles. Furthermore it became more comfortable to use not only in the battlefield, but in a limited space areas such as armored personnel carriers as well.The "Enfield" L85A1 Automatic Rifle.-

It's automatic works on the gas returning principle. Rifle executes single and automatic fire. Safety lock is made as a button. It is located above the trigger guard. Reloading handle is positioned from the right side. This feature is considered as disadvantage, because rear modern "bullpup" design rifle has no ambidextrous use ability. Cartridge-case extraction opening is covered by plate when inactive to prevent dirt from getting in. Gas chamber has three adjustable positions for normal shooting, for shooting in impure conditions (widely opened) and firing rifle grenades (closed).

The L85A1 is made from a stamped steel. There is also used welding assembling rifle. Some parts are made from extra tight nylon..- Weapon is fed from the standard NATO (STANAG) 30 round magazines similar to the M16 Automatic Rifle.The "Enfield" L85A1 Automatic Rifle.-

Caliber: 5.56x45 NATO
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt
Overall length: 780 mm (709 mm in Carbine variant)
Barrel length: 518 mm (442 mm in Carbine variant)
Weight: 4.13 kg (with SUSAT optical sight and no magazine); 5 kg withSUSAT and loaded with magazine with 30 rounds of ammunition
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
Rate of fire: 650 rounds per minute
Effective range: about 500 meters (with SUSAT sights)

L85A2 upgraded variant of the original weapon. Upgrade programme was completed by the Heckler & Koch. About 200 000 rifles were upgraded to the L85A2 standard between 2000 and 2002. Currently the L85A2 is the standard service rifle of the British Forces. The upgraded L85A2 is recognized as reliable and accurate weapon. It is compatible with German HK 40-mm underbarrel grenade launcher.-

L86A1 light machine gun. Some of it's parts are interchangeable with the L85A1. It has a longer barrel, bipod, shoulder trap and additional grip at the rear. This weapon has a greater effective range;
L86A2 upgraded variant of the L86A1 light support weapon. Upgrades are similar to that of the L85A2;
L98A1 a manually operated rifle with it's gas system removed. It is fired as a repeater rifle. This weapon is used to train army cadets;
L98A2 upgraded variant of the L98A1;
L22A1 carbine. It is smaller and has a shorter barrel. This weapon was recently adopted with the British Army in small numbers. It is issued to vehicle drivers, artillery and tank crews;
L22A2 carbine, fitted with additional Picatinny-type rail on the foregrip.
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