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Exporting existing map elevations?



Hi all,

I hope I'm not posting in the wrong section here :)

I'm basically trying to sort of streamline my pre-battle analysis phase, and I was wondering if there would be an easy way to export a maps elevations in any sort of file format to be analysed?

I should mention that I'm not familiar at all with the scenario editor and an obvious answer may well lie there o_O


No, there is no in game way to extract the elevation or other map features for analysis. What I usually do is take a screen shot of the in game map (during setup or in the scenario editor) and the use the 3D preview to draw my own quick contour lines. You can see an example here:

Hope that helps a bit.
I have toyed with the idea of taking screenshots of the map in elevation mode in the editor, stitch them together in PS and import as an overlay. Should work in theory but might be too fiddly.
Hi rocketman,

Thanks for your answer, but I'm not sure I got how you worked this out?...
Actually, to be more specific, and as the elevation map in the editor is nothing more than a table with elevations in cells plotted agains x;y axes, I was looking for a way to export such a table to post-process it with excel for instance...
I don't think that's feasible...
The idea was, as I'll start playing against my 13yo son, I wanted to provide him with scenario info (he doesn't have much access to the computer), hence this requirement...