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Field of Glory: King of the Hill



(1 successful defence of his throne)



@Nelson1812 vs @poesel71

Battle Settings:

Etruscans (330 - 280 BC) vs Gallic (390 - 301 BC)

Medium size

Mirror Battle

Map: Mediterranean Hilly

Open Battle







Here's an idea for a fun little ongoing competition (ran something like this quite a few years back for CM) -- should be fun and not admin-heavy at all.

It's basically the "King of the Hill" game ...

We have a reigning KING on the hill and challengers lining up to depose him and take away his throne.

The reigning king and the challenger fight it out in a medium-sized Field of Glory Mirror battle (with period, army and map settings determined by the Tourneymeister -- me :) -- will be mixing it up and wide-ranging from Chariots to Romans to Huns to Vikings and everything inbetween) and the winner of those two battles either hangs on to the throne or depose the reigning king and gets to sit his backside on the royal upholstery -- as the next immediate challenger steps up.

Whoever survives the most challenges and keeps the royal seat warmest the longest gets bragging rights.
A defeated challenger or deposed king can rejoin the queue of challengers and await his chance for revenge
FOG battles go quite quick, so things should turn over at a good pace, and you'd add just a couple of battles to your dance card ...

You guys keen? Trash-talking and propaganda a MUST!

PS: participants would need to have ALL the FOGII expansions.
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Instead of trash talking I will whisper soft things in your ear.

Consider me in.

Okay -- looks like we have our first two contenders to decide who will be the first KING OF THE HILL!

@Nelson1812 vs @olaf

Battle Settings: (this info is also in the first post of this thread)

Elamite 815-539 BC vs Kushite Egyptian 727-656 BC

Medium size

Mirror Battle

Map: Desert

Open Battle


For our first battle, we go pretty much as ancient as Field of Glory allows (every battle will be a different time period and different armies) ... good luck to the generals!

We also have our first on the list of challengers waiting in the wings: @Wellsonian


Drats … a Draw
@Rico your call!

First King of the Hill mirror battle ends in a DRAW!

Wow — that’s amazing.
How unlikely is that’s? :oops:

Usually, in this type of competition, with a draw the reigning king retains his throne - but we don’t have one yet.

Ok, we’ll have to have a rematch with new battle settings - will post later this morning.