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FOG2...Epic Battles... round two,... All welcome, ...Sign up.


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Apr 21, 2012
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Match-ups April 26th.... Sign up for this Mays battle below:

Mad Mike
Alpha Zwo
Jolly Olly
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Here we Go: (See Epic Battle details above.)

Here we go... Rome sets-up the game:

Roman...…Vs ………...Dacian

@Nelson1812 vs Jolly Olly Posted
@Wellsonian vs mTk Posted

@Mad Mike vs Alpha Zwo
@olaf vs Badger73 Posted

Group 2

@mTk vs Nelson1812
@Jolly Olly vs Wellsonian
@Alpha Zwo vs Olaf
@Badger73 vs Mad Mike Posted

Have fun!

Password: FGM8... In comment post opponents name, i.e. For Nelson1812 (Archie).

(Note: Nelson1812 = Archie...…..mTk =Montanakid)

Any questions or information post below...
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Hey guys! My sincere apologies. I have had a couple of busy weeks and have not been online much.

Your patience is appreciated. I should re-engage over the next couple of days and get up to speed on my games....though I have to rule out tomorrow night since I am going to the new Avengers movie.

Really, sorry for the delay in getting started on this round of epic battles.

Related to these games I wanted to throw out a couple of things if that is cool. First, just saw this post on Slitherine about a bunch of new community content that was recently added. Perhaps some new fodder for future battles. http://www.slitherine.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=477&t=80329

Also, I am curious as to if any of you guys have tried out the Table Top Mod? I have not myself but am intrigued by it and will likely download soon. If i understand it correctly, it modifies a bunch of the existing armies and adds additional ones. I was just thinking it could be something for all of us to look at as it might add a lot of fun new options to our battles. Of course, it only works...i think....if both player have the mod installed. Anyway, was wondering if any of you all had dived into it at all.

Happy fighting to all! Will get turns going as soon as i can!