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German heavy/medium armour

The Kingtiger (i.d. No.204) had apparently been abandoned (undamaged?) in La Gleize and was in running order.
After the battle it was being driven away by US troops up this hill when it stalled and the engine caught fire.
The Americans later towed it off for scrapping.
Full story here-

Snowfall on 204..

The spot today..

Defensive deployment of the Kingtigers (with i.d. numbers) around La Gleize, showing fields of fire.
Note tank 204 is in the village.
Wrecked Panthers, Ardennes
Caption- "The lead Panthers continued through Stoumont and took the road toward the train station, beyond where they hoped to find another bridge over the Ambleve intact. However, as they passed the station they ran into a strong American force of 16 tanks and tank destroyers. The outnumbered Panthers didn't have much of a chance; three were quickly knocked out and the rest withdrew. For all practical purposes, this was the farthest advance of Kampfgruppe Peiper."