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German heavy/medium armour

Described as "On this date in history, in 1944, Rauray area, France. Men from Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry relaxing on a Tiger I Ausführung E from 501 SS Heavy Tank Battalion."
I believe that's the 1st SS Panzer Corps emblem on the left front of the hull.

Video link:

I read a book on Sicily and it seems to me that many of Tigers broke down mechanically and had to be abandoned.
I wonder if that tank threw the track and the crew abandoned it giving the Allies credit for "knocking it out".

“Many of the fearsome Tiger tanks were breaking down along the road, blocking it since there were no recovery vehicles that could move them. Communication with the Italians had completely broken down.”

"The 504 battalion retreated through Belpasso, Sicily, in the middle of July 1943. They were obliged to explode Feldwebel Kruse's Tiger in the town, on Via IV Traversa. The Tiger was probably numbered 223. This left the battalion with only 4 remaining Tigers. The three-meter wide tank thoroughly blocked the street which is 6.5 meters wall to wall. House number 92 seemed to be derelict, but house number 107 on the tank's left was occupied, and the massive wreck in front of their annexe door caused them inconvenience for a long time."



I do not.
I can barely speak English. ;)

Nice find though. (y)

I did a Google translate for "preghiera per la pace" and it means prayer for peace.

There's a young lady at our library whose family is Italian and she speaks it very well.
Perhaps I'll stop by and have a chat with her.