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German Infantry

German soldier write "Aus der Traum" on an abandoned US artillery during the Battle of the Bulge, Dec 1944.
Took a bit of poking around but I found this.
(Louis's posts lead to such interesting places ;) )

The dream is over
Aus der Traum – "It's over!", "It's finished!", literally, "The dream is over"; a common German phrase for dashed hopes and a slogan painted by German soldiers near the end of the war expressing the inevitability of their situation.

From Wikipedia:
"Glossary of German military terms"

I wonder why he's still wearing the helmet.
I guess you get used to having a couple of few pounds of steel on your head.

When I was in the Air Force we just wore hats.
Mostly to show what squadron or group you belonged to.
We supported the pilots and their aircraft and their the ones who wore helmets and went off to fight.
- The Air Force is the only service that sends it's officers out to fight. ;)

That was back when we prepared to defend against a Soviet attack.
Of course things may be very different today.