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Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

When this was released it had a bug that caused the game to lock up around turn 11 or so. Hello quality control? Steam tells me the 1.03 patch has been installed to my game so I'm assuming that has been fixed.

That said I like this. A lot. Turn based and extremely easy to learn and play. The little blocks that sort of represent regiments was off -putting to start with. I wished they'd put more effort into the unit graphics, but I suppose they'd have had to charge more than $10 for the game. I get it, but I can wish.

I'm finding the AI quite good with no obvious brain dead moves or attacks. It vigorously defends victory hexes and will make you pay if/when you get careless with your moves.

The game has an interesting concept for who/when moves occurs and when the shooting starts on any given turn. This does make each turn a little more interesting than most other regular turn-based games.

There is the overall 3-day battle as well as 3 additional scenarios and you can play either side to it has some replay value. There is also a pbem capability that I haven't explored, but it is there.

Lastly, it has that "just one more turn" appeal that causes you to look at the clock and realize you meant to go to bed an hour ago.

These "reviewers" crack me up. Frequently they show they practically have never played the game they are "reviewing". Such is this instance. LOL