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Graviteam: Tunisia 1943

Okay, so I believe that the tactical phase is still real time, but the operational phase is turn based, kind of like Total War any epoch....
Yes, its the same system of Graviteam Tactics Mius. It's great, the way they simulate the tactical and the operational level is excellent for the scenario.
I think this looks really good, but...upon further review the turn-based portion is for the operational phase. Combat is real time. (sigh)
It almost had me.

You know mTk, it has a pause key...just saying....

HOA_KSOP aka ksbearski aka Barry
Okay, this game is on sale for 9.99 US, the DLC is on sale too, I think you can steal this game plus DLC for less than 14.00 US. Good value, even for you CMX2 fanboys...