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Greyfox livestreams and videos

streaming once more - going to try to redo mission 4 of the commie campaign:

So after a break I've decided to livestream again, starting with Valley of Ashes:

Because the fiancée is away, I present yet another livestream, this time from CMBN:

going to be starting my livestream in a few minutes, continuation of my last gameplay video of the new battle pack:

streaming CMBN, courage and fortitude campaign mission 2:

i have not watched this yet.... but i remember it is an extremely hard mission ... that had fun parts ... some very frustrating parts.....i did not win it my first try.. or the university of hard knocks the next mission on the losing branch..... gave up the campaign for a few months.... scrapped out a victory my second go round with it................ much as we like to pick on how the AI cant play ........ and it cant really.......... but it can put up a helluva defense at times...