Nov 5, 2009
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Below is the new introduction to the Patreon page. The post in here was quite dated so its nice to have a freshen up. Hopefully by reading below you will have a bit more of an idea what Patron is and how it helps me in the running of the sites.



Hi folks,

Thank you so much for making your way to my Patreon page. I have some really big plans for the future and am asking you to be a part of it if you're in any way interested in wargaming and military history!

But first let me start by explaining what becoming a Patron on Patreon actually means.

If you're not familiar with Patreon the basic premise is if I produce content you like you can agree to support me by making a small donation each month that will help fund creating said content and the great thing is you can stop paying at any time so you're not tying yourself to any contract and your donation can be as little as $1 per month.

So who am I and why should you support me?

My name is Shane and my mission is to keep PC based wargaming fresh and fun and to keep the history behind the wargaming alive. I believe wargaming should be used as a learning tool about the conflicts and the way I approach my gaming is to enjoy the challenge of battle but to also respect the history behind the game. To that end I run The Few Good Men a 'community' of wargamers and military history enthusiasts. The site ties together my two passions and surrounds me with like minded individuals. I also run a number of sites connected with The Few Good Men and if you have found your way here I suspect you have already visited one of them so thanks for that!!

So why did I set up a Patreon Account?

Over the years members of The Few Good Men have been asking how they can go about assisting with the running of the club through donations. I used to have a paypal account but decided Patron was easier to use and folk can donate as little as $1 a month on a regular basis. The regular payment helped me plan ahead in relation to what bills could be covered as I would have a ballpark figure of what I could expect at the end of each month. Patron doesn't bring the club in a lot of cash, usually about £50 a month which covers running costs basically. Hosting alone is £24 for The FGM website so donations help ease any financial pressures. Donations also cover the likes of software licenses to keep our forum secure and up to date with security patches and whatnot. Other software is also paid for by Patreon donations... a fine example of these is the software programme XSplit which I purchased recently and have been using it to produce new Combat Mission videos on the FGM YouTube channel. The software is pretty neat as it allows me to draw on videos whilst they are playing... have you noticed all the arrows. :)

So in closing thanks to all my Patrons out there and thanks also to any of the members who aren't Patrons... you all make this community a little bit special for us all.

Thanks for reading.