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Interesting Facts and Stories

Russia sold Alaska to U.S. $ 7.2 million .- Many Americans said then "we bought a huge and expensive breeding walrus" .-
Currently, the exploitation of natural resources annually produces 40 times the initial investment .-
If the Republicans had played their cards right she'd be in the White House as Vice-President, but they made two mistakes-
1- They fielded Gramps McCain, a nice guy and he was 72 which is not too old, but he was a bit too doddery.
2- They failed to woo women voters by not having an ad campaign showing how American suffragettes were bullied and imprisoned, then capping the ads with the heartrending words- "It's a long way for women from a cold prison cell to the White House; vote for Sarah"

The data

"The heart can reach 180 beats per minute during an orgasm." Not too excited, guys ...

Lol what is he Man Or Mouse, 180 not even trying :whistle:
Strange form of suicide ....

In 2007, Gerald Mellin, 54, of Swansea, tied a rope to a tree, wrapped the other end around his neck and got into his open-top Aston Martin DB7.

Mellin tied one end of a rope to a tree, climbed into his DB7 and wrapped the other end around his neck. Mellin then jammed the pedal down on the $173,000 car, driving into a busy main road, forcing other drivers to watch his horrific death. Police found his headless body still in the driving seat and his head on the back seat.

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Google rents out goats. Yes you read that right. It rents goats from a company called California Grazing to help cut down the amount of weeds and brush at Google HQ, in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California.

The operation of 200 goats (plus herder and a border collie) is kind to the environment, and as Google puts it: “A lot cuter to watch than lawn mowers.”

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In eighteenth century Germany, the women's menstrual blood was added as an aphrodisiac in foods and beverages.

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