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KING OF JERUSALEM: Swords & Scimitars Tourney - Round 5: need one more player

I decided to start with this smaller "King of the Hill" style, fun tourney using the new FOG: Medieval Swords & Scimitars DLC
(and later, once we wrap up the "Empire Builders" Campaign kick off the other Crusades tourney sampled here:

This works in a very similar way to the CM King of the Hill competition.


Players sign up, get randomly assigned to play as either Crusaders or Saracens, and then fight their way up to the top to become either King or Sultan of Jerusalem.

Once on the throne, they will try and fight off challengers to that throne and score points for capturing the throne and for every successful throne defence.

You will continue playing as Crusader or Saracen you were drawn as at start of your run, until you are eliminated after losing a battle.

Defeated eliminated players can then rejoin the list of challengers and will be slotted in at the next available round, again randomly drawn as Crusades or Saracens player.

We will keep a running tab of scores:
1 point per bottom and middle tier victory
2 points for a successful throne capture or defence

Each round, all players will set up and play with the the same battle settings I will provide:
(covering the whole variety of armies available from Byzantines, various periods of Crusaders, Latin Byzantine successor states, Kingdom of Cyprus etc... and all the various Muslim forces-- Fatimid and Ayyubid Egyptians, Mamluks, Seljuk Turks, Syrians, etc... maybe even some of the Reconquista forces as well)
-- and a variety of map settings.

Any level victory will allow the winner to advance upwards.

If two players from same side face off in a battle (ie: Crusader vs Crusader, Saracen vs Saracen), then it's a "Civil War" battle with the same armies facing off against each other.

Good pace of play required: 2 week turnaround per battle at maximum, please. (which is actually easily achievable - we manage in the Empire Builders campaign))

Slow or ghosting players will be disqualified and their opponent gets a bye to the next round.

King of Jerusalem 001 sample.jpg

So, we are open to take sign ups -- first come, first served.

For the first round I will take one slot (my avatar is just a sample placeholder) -- we need another THREE players at minimum to sign up to fill the bottom tier and get started.

If we get FIVE sign ups right away, TWO players will get randomly drawn to start play at the second tier and get first chance to claim the throne right away.


1. @Rico
2. @mTk
3. @olaf
5. @chiquichops
6. @Mad Mike

@mTk @Mad Mike @chiquichops @Wellsonian @Badger73 @HOA_KSOP @Alpha Zwo @Nathangun @Abbasid111 @olaf @Bootie
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We kick off the first round with our starting roster of players. Anyone still wanting to join, let me know and I will add you to the roster of challengers below.

Once at full swing, the tourney can accommodate EIGHT players at a time.


Here is the first round of battles (draw courtesy of my lovely wife Danya).

@mTk and @HOA_KSOP get the first privilege of duking it out to get their tushy on the satin upholstery of the throne.
(winner will need to take a break for one turn while the challengers below then work their way up far enough)

King of Jerusalem 001a.jpg


Middle tier/Throne Challenge
: @mTk (Crusader) vs @HOA_KSOP (Saracen)

Bottom Tier

Battle 1: @chiquichops (Crusader) vs @Rico (Saracen)

Battle 2: @Mad Mike (Crusader) vs @olaf (Saracen)


For this opening encounter it's First Crusades time period. Either player can set up the challenge.

Crusader 1096 - 1099 (Allies: Armenian Cilicia 1080 - 1099) vs Seljuk Turks (West) 1037 - 1154

Medium force size and map, Middle Eastern Agricultural


Good luck all, let's have some fun battles!




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@Rico , challenge set up, usual password. :2charge:I really hate horse archers and I know you're going to have loads of them :cautious:
I love these desert maps. Let's see if I can winkle @Rico out of his enclosure. My right flank is pinned on the sea, my left has a large patch of rough to hobble any cavalry penetration.
Those pesky skirmish cavalry always try to get round behind me.