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Long Live The King T3-The 1st Battle Of Flanders a.ka. Bataille des Pierres Pleurantes


Jolly Olly

Vive la France! Riders have arrived from the Burgundian frontier with the first reports of the brave French forces endeavours to secure our northeastern borders! Having smashed the Mad Duke of Burgandy's attempts to take Artois, French forces have marched hard towards Flanders. Stymied by the damp, soggy, lowland terrain, the French have been slow to engage the Burgundian rabble. Finally, on a bleak, rock-strewn plain....barely fit to grow the most modest of tulips, the French have lined up to do battle with forces the Mad Duke has sent forth to hold the line.

As the French form up, it appears the whole of Burgundian nobility, such as it is, have answered the call of the Mad Duke. Some seem to have been so rushed into service that they have forgotten their horses.

Bird's Eye ViewFrench Line-Knights Massed on LeftBurgundian Line-Formidable Line of Mounted Knights in Center

The French C&C has massed his mounted knights on the left while the Burgundian C&C has massed a rather formidable assembly of mounted knights in the center. The Burgundians have quick access to a small hill on their left, presenting them an opportunity to hold high ground in the upcoming battle. The French, meanwhile, have an expanse of rocky terrain they must cross on their Left and Center-Left.

The French C&C has ordered two units of light archers into the rugged terrain in hopes of getting some deadly, iron (steel?)-tipped volleys loosed on the advancing Burgundian Right. Mounted units are ordered forward and to the French left, around the rocky terrain, in hopes of getting position on the Burgundian right flank. The remainder of the French line is in complete disarray as the C&C attempts to reposition units to meet the Burgundian advance, which is steady with good military discipline.
The Burgundian line continues to march...and canter...in lock-step towards the French forces. French mounted units maneuver farther out on the Burgundian Right. The French C&C tries to remain calm as he attempts to restore some semblance of order to his main line, which is composed primarily of defensive spearmen and some crossbow units.
Flanders T3-Birdseye View.pngFlanders T3-French Left.png
The Burgundians advance steadily, but slowly, French Lancers, backed by mounted nobility advance hard on the Burgundian Left. Gotfrid von Stauffenberg, the Burgundian C&C, orders a unit of crossbow to the right and has armored, defensive spearmen turn to meet the men and horse bearing down on them in a cloud of dust, dirt, and noise. Von Stauffenberg, smelling of horse, bratwurst and sauerkraut moves to hold the flank as well. Meanwhile the main French line continues to re-form just as Burgundian forces move to occupy the high ground on their Left.
Flanders T4-Birdseye Viiew.png
The Burgundian line continues to march steadily forward....but the main line of battle splits as the horse of some noble knights seem hesitant to set hoof on the rocky, rough terrain that lays before them. French archers take advantage of their uncertainty and take aim at the indecisive Burgundians as they mill around at the edge of the rocky expanse awaiting an order from their general.

Roland d'Aubert, a knight who's renowned as a horseman is exceeded only by his brash foolishness and lack of self restraint, having led French Lancers far out on the Burgundian Right...begins to wheel back towards their flank. He directs the sharp points of one lancer unit directly towards the Burgundian Crossbow unit bravely attempting to defend the flank while the other moves to engage the mounted knights, under the direct command of von Stauffenberg, who are charging to stop the impending threat.
Flanders T5-Bird's Eye View.pngFlanders T5-French Left-Lancers.png

Sensing an opportunity, or perhaps only unwilling to allow d'Aubert all the glory, Philippe de Chatillon urges the remaining French Knights towards the Burgundian Right Flank.
Flanders T5-French Left-Knights on Flank.png

In the Center, the French line has managed to restore some order. Crossbow units stand ready to unleash their deadly bolts and Defensive Spearmen steel themselves for the coming battle.
Flanders T5-Main French & Burgundian Lines.png
On the French Right, Burgundian Offensive Spearmen can be seen on the heights of the small hill that lies ahead. As the French units on the right struggle to organize, a Crossbow unit emerges from the nearby woods to aid in the defense of the right flank.
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Sensing an opportunity and seeking to strike before von Stauffenberg arrives with his mounted knights, d'Aubert rides to the front of the lancers and leads them on a furious charge. His cries of "Chargez mes frères ! N’ayez crainte, car leurs flèches sont aussi impuissantes que les hommes qui les tirent ! Pour la France ! Pour notre roi !" can just be heard over the thunder of the pounding hooves of the lancers mounts. Shouts of fear and dismay flow from horrified Crossbow as the wave of French Lancers breaks upon them. In shock, the Crossbow fragment.
Flanders T6-Birdseye View End.pngFlanders T6-Lancers vs Crossbow.png

von Stauffenberg, still rushing to support the Burgundian Right, is too far away to help. Fearing the flank will not hold, he urges his knights on....pushing their mounts to their limits.
Flanders T6-French Left, Burgundiand C&C View.png
At Center Left, the arrows of the French Archers are proving too much for the inferior armor of the Burgundian Knights. A group of Burgundians under the command of Giselbrecht von Trotha has suffered significant losses.
Flanders T6-French Center-Left-Archers Wrath.png
Across the rest of the front, the Sub-General von Giebelstadt steadies the Burgundian line in clear preparation for charging the French line.

The French, battle hardened and brave to a fault, are unmoved by the forces arrayed before them. Crossbowmen check and recheck their weapons and carefully load the next bolt. Defensive Spearmen plant their feet firmly, wipe sweat from their eyes, and prepare to lower the points of their spears in the direction of the Burgundian filth.
Flanders T6-Burgundian Line.pngFlanders T6-Awaiting Burgundian Charge.png
Need DAR please.
Pardonne-moi. Word forme le champ de bataille a ralenti que les pertes de cavalerie ont monté à la fois pour les forces Français et bourguignonnes.

In real-time....I believe we are entering Turn 11. I have purposely kept the DAR about 2 turns behind RT in an effort to not diminish the fog of war too much for my opponent. Now that our lines are engaged, I will try to bring the accounts from the battle more closely in line with real-time.

I hope you are enjoying the recount of the game. I am hardly a wordsmith, much less an accurate historian, but it is fun trying to create a story around the play of the game and to throw some fun screenines in to set the stage.

@Alpha Zwo ....i am finding this quite fun and interesting to watch this play out! I hope you are as well. Game is....as with so many FOG II games.....either side's to win or lose still.
On the Burgundian Right, the fanatical charge of d'Aubert and his Lancers has proved too much for the unit of Crossbow. Already fragmented and in disarray, the Burgundian Crossbow panic and break. Keeping true to his reputation, d'Aubert pursues in wild abandon and with little thought of sustaining a measured attack on the now exposed Burgundian flank.
An adjacent unit of Burgundian Defensive Spearmen, in an effort to hold the flank, becomes disrupted as they shift to fill the gap left by their supposed comrades in arms. Ever alert on the battlefield, Phillipe de Chatillon notes the weakness in the spearmen who are now stretched thin. He wheels his unit of noble French knights at a poorly defended stretch of ground. Unable to withstand the impact of steed and steel, the Burgundian spearmen become fragmented but continue to fight on valiantly.
Start Of Turn 7d'Aubert Pursues Crossbowde Chatillon Attacks Disrupted Spearmen

Gotfried von Stauffenberg, the Burgundian C&C, well aware of the danger his Right Flank is in, has been charging furiously from the Center Rear with a unit of select mounted knights towards advancing French horse. Charging through the fleeing Crossbowmen and ignoring the Defensive Spearmen that are starting to falter, von Stauffenberg and his knights slam full speed into the unit of French Lancers tasked with delaying them. Miraculously, the Lancers hold their ground on impact and a vicious melee ensues. Brave as they are, the French Lancers stand little chance against these armored knights. As the fight rages, the brave French Lancers curse d' Aubert, who they can just catch a glimpse of as his pursuit of the vanquished crossbow unit leads him away from the ongoing battle.
Flanders T7-Stauffenber and Lancers.png

At Center Left, French Archers continue to unleash steel-tipped death from the protection of the rough ground. Arrows continue to find purchase in noble Burgundian flesh. Von Trotha's unit of mounted knights suffer heavy losses of man and horse. As bodies of both pile up, the unit's movement is impaired and the unit becomes fragmented. VonTrotha's losses impel a unit of Burgundian Dismounted Knights to move toward the French Archers in an effort chase them from the field and fortify this area of the line. Just to the right of the Archers, French Crossbow also continue to inflict losses on the mounted Burgundian knights, disrupting the Center of their line.
Flanders T7-French Archer Impact.pngFlanders T7-Burgundian Dismounted.pngFlanders T7-French Crossbow-Center.png

Undeterred by the threat on their right flank, Ruprecht von Giebelstadt continues to lead the Burgundian Center and Left to within charging distance of the French line. Far to the French Right, units of Burgundian Offensive spearmen menacingly begin to descend for the small hill upon which their Left Flank has been anchored. In response, the French C&C, the gallant but fussy Garnier du Bellay pivots two units of French Offensive Spearmen in the direction of this new threat.
Flanders T7-Burgundian Line.pngFlanders T7-Burgundian Offensive Spear-French Righ.png


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    Flanders T7-French Crossbow-Center.png
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Across the French Center and Right, units of Burgundian Mounted Knights have begun to charge the line in the hopes of finding a weak point in the defense. On the French Left, d' Aubert and his lancers continue their foolish chase of fleeing Crossbow and have ridden so far as a small village nearly a mile from the battle. The absence of the Lancers could prove critical should the other French forces fail to capitalize on the breach they have created on the Burgundian Right.
Flanders T8-Bird's Eye View.pngFlanders T8-D' Aubert Pursuit.png

Meanwhile, de Chatillon is pressing the fight on the French Left. The unit of Burgundian Defensive Spearmen, who were already fragmenting as they spread out to hold the line, have now broken as additional French knights bore down on them. De Chatillon and his unit of knights pursue. The Burgundian Right is beginning to falter. Two more units of French Mounted Knights engage another unit of Defensive Spearmen. Though they suffer losses, the spearmen brave stumble over the bodies of their fallen comrades and fight furiously to hold the line
Flanders T8-Spearmen Break.pngFlanders T8-Defensive Spearmen.png

The Burgundian Right Flank is not lost yet though. Von Stauffenberg and the cream of Burgundian nobility riding with him are a force to be reckoned with! He and his knights are fighting like men possessed, or in an angry drunken rage, and have set one French Lancer unit to flight. A unit of nearby French knights, shocked at how quickly the Lancers have broken, have become disorganized and disrupted as they attempt to form up to meet he charging, bloodthirsty Burgundians. Von Stauffenberg and his knights are to fast and too furious. The French knights simply cannot organize themselves quickly enough and fragment at the first clash of steel.
Flanders T8-Von Stauffenberg.png

It is not just the French mounted units that are having success on their Left. At Center Left, the French archers have been lethal. Von Trotha's unit of Burgundian Mounted Knights finally suffers such horrendous losses to the Archer's arrows that they break and flee the battlefield. Desperate to eliminate this ongoing threat from the archers, units of dismounted Burgundian Knights drive one unit of French archers a few meters back. Commanding the dismounted knights is the infamous Sigfrid von Heinsburg. The Burgundian Sub General is well aware of the great peril facing their right flank. Without thought, he leads his men into the rough terrain in an effort of push the French out.
Flanders T8-Von Trotha Breaks.pngFlanders T8-Dismounte Knights.png

Either unaware or unmoved by the action taking place far to their right and out of command of von Staffenberg, the Center and Left of the Burgundian line continue to hold steady and pose a formidable threat. Their Mounted Knights have made repeated charges at the French line with mixed results. The French, for now, hold firm.
Flanders T8-Line of Battle.png
For a moment it seems as if the Burgundian Right has virtually ceased to exist. At the Center, French Crossbow continue to unleash volleys of deadly bolts, breaking yet another unit of mounted knights. Despite the glorious sight of Burgundian nobility fleeing the field, the battle is far from won and there a troubling events causing the French C&C a bit of concern.
Flanders T9-Bird's Eye View.pngFlanders T9-Fleeing Nobility.png

At Center Right, the repeated charges of the Burgundian Mounted Knights have finally had the desired affect. Burgundian Sub-General von Giebelstadt has managed to capitalize on a weak point in the French line. With their last charge, his knights have managed to find gaps in the line of defensive spearmen and are now engaging in melee combat. With armor-clad horsemen now mixed among their ranks, the French unit loses its cohesiveness and becomes disordered.

At Center Left, the unit of dismounted Burgundian Knights is proving extremely difficult. Despite the fact that the rest of the Burgundian line as collapsed in this area, these brave knights are standing their ground and daring the French to fight. Regrettably, the French C&C was woefully unaware of the size and potency of these dismounted knights!!! :oops:

On the French left, Burgundian C&C von Stauffenberg and his unit of mounted knights are starting to wreak havoc on the French. They have managed to break a unit of French Mounted Knights and are close pursuit of the fleeing French nobles.
Flanders T9-French Line Engaged.pngFlanders T9-Von Stauffenberg Pursuit.pngFlanders T9-Dismounted Knights.png

Thankfully for the French, d'Aubert has finally given up his pursuit of broken Burgundian units on the left and is commands his unit to re-engage in the main battle. In an effort to meet the threat of the dismounted Burgundian knights at Center Left, units of Brigands move to try and get position on their flanks while mounted French move to position themselves to attack. On the French Right, the C&C attempts to re-position his Offensive Spearmen and Crossbow in order to meet the growing threat in this area of the line.
Early success does not a battle win.

The focal point of the battle has shifted to the Center Right and French Right. Sub-General von Giebelstadt is proving his worth in the fighting against the French. In a brilliant tactical maneuver, he has directed a unit of mounted knights and a unit of Offensive Spearmen (of the Order of the Red Bull) to attack the far right of the French line. The French Armored Defensive Spearman, who were the focus of this unexpected attack, held but suffered serious losses, creating a serious weak point on the French Right Flank.

Fortunately for the French, the unit of Armored Defensive Spearmen in direct melee with von Giebelstadt has manage to reform their lines. As a result, von Giebelstadt has broken off his attack.

French C&C du Bellay keeps close eye on his right flank, knowing that if the Burgundians can break his line here that his forces will be in serious jeopardy.
Flanders T10-Center.pngFlanders T10-French Right.png

The French are not only being threatened on the Right however. On their Left, the dismounted Burgundian knights are bravely holding their ground. To the Far Left, Burgundian C&C has quickly stopped pursuing fleeing French knights. He clearly knows that he and his knights are needed back on the battle line. His return to the battle line poses a serious threat to the French. Elsewhere on the Left, a lone unit of Burgundian Defensive Spearmen are dug in among a rough patch of ground. Their presence is proving effective in delaying French Mounted Knights from engaging Burgundian units attacking the French Right. These minutes of delay could prove costly to the French!
Flanders T10-Dismounted Knights.pngFlanders T10-Von Staffenberg Ends Pursuit.pngFlanders T10-Burgundian Spearmen.png

Thankfully for the French, d' Aubert has managed to wheel his unit of Lancers around and point them back to the battle while he himself has taken command of a unit of Mounted Knights and is riding hard to return to the fighting.
Flanders T10-d'Aubert Returns.png
On the French Right, the battle is taking a turn for the worst. The bodies of fallen Armored Defensive Spearmen lay scattered in the grass. Those not killed under the blade or hoof of the Burgundians have fled the field in total panic. French Crossbow furiously fire volleys of bolts into the Burgundian lines but the well protected Burgundian Offensive Spearmen suffer only modest losses. French C&C du Bullay does his best encourage the remaining units on the flank to hold.
Flanders T11-French Right.pngFlanders T11-French C&C.png

At the Center Left, the French do their best to dislodge Sigrid von Heinsburg and his fearless knights. Archers, their quivers running low, have little effect against the well-armored knights. Even charges by Mounted Knights from front and rear have little effect against superior numbers and fanatical bravery.
Flanders T11-Dismounted Knights.png

Not far way, d' Aubert and his knights are riding hard towards the rear of the Burgundian line. His accompanying Lancer unit has become sidetracked attacking a broken Burgundian unit that had just managed reorganize. It has set the unit to flight again and the Lancers do not appear to be interested in pursuing.
Flanders T11-d'Aubert.png

Much to the dismay of the French units that can see his banner lofted high in the air, Burgundian C&C von Stauffenberg is now charging at breakneck speed towards the French Left Flank. Following close behind him, the French nobility he was chasing have rallied enough ride back towards the sounds of battle.
Flanders T11-French Far Left.png
DAR should now be running mostly in real-time.

Very fun fight so far. The French had great early success on their Left and in the Center for the most part. The Burgundian C&C, despite having no backup, has proved pretty devastating on the Left and could be a critical factor if he can re-engage for the end-game. He, along with the dismounted knights could turn the tide for the Burgundians on the French Left.

On the French Right, @Alpha Zwo executed a beautiful tactical maneuver (I am still not quite sure how he did it!) that has effectively punched a hole in the French line. Both sides still have substantial forces in this area so it will be interesting to see what happens here.

Good times! Good times!
Both French and Burgundians are fighting for their lives across the battlefield. On the French Left, repeated attacks from Mounted Knights and Brigands has finally had the desired effect on the Dismounted Knights led by von Heinsburg. His men continue to mount a stiff defense. However, they have become disorganized as they break ranks in an effort to defend attacks from all directions. The Burgundian Sub-General casts a weary eye to his right and is heartened by the sight of von Stauffenberg's banner which is rapidly approaching the exposed French Flank.
Flanders T12-Turn End.pngFlanders T12-Dismounted Knights.pngFlanders T12-von Stauffenberg.png

At the French Center Right, the situation is growing more dire by the minute. Von Giebelstadt's Mounted Knights have finally overwhelmed a unit of Armored Defensive Spearmen and have opened a gap in the French line. As von Giegbelstadt pursues, a unit of Dismounted Knights moves forward to exploit the breach. Additional Burgundian Mounted Knights also rush forward as they sense the French line faltering. The French Defensive Spearmen seem frozen and unable to mount an adequate defense. Knowing all is lost if they cannot seal this breach, French C&C du Bullay leads a unit of Offensive Spearmen into the fray.
Flanders T12-French Center Right.pngFlanders T12-French C&C.png
Burgundian C&C von Stauffenberg and his Mounted Knights have made have just made it back to the edge of the French Left Flank. He and his fanatical horsemen are well positioned to slam into scattered French units one by one. Those French units that are able turn to face their charge. For von Heinsberg and the surviving Dismounted Knights, the arrival of their C&C is a welcomed sight. Their numbers have dwindled under the multiple attacks of the French. The are finding it ever more difficult to maintain order as they fight amongst the growing numbers of their fallen. Their last hope lies with von Stauffenberg. If he can relieve the pressure on the Dismounted Knights then the Burgundians may reverse their losses on this side of the battlefild.
Flanders T13-French Left.pngFlanders T13-Dismounted Knights.png

On the other side of the battlefield the French are fiercely attempting to hold the line and plug the gaps where Burgundian units have penetrated.
Flanders T13-French C&C.png

Behind the Burgundian lines, various mounted French units are fighting isolated battles. Much to the dismay of the French Knights, the brave Sub-General d'Aubert has given his all and fought his last battle. His fellow Sub-General de Chatillon has won one skirmish after another but he and his noble horsemen are wasting time chasing fleeing Burgundians instead of staying focused on trying to break the rest of the Burgundian line.
Flanders T13-de Chatillon.png

As the battle continues to rage on, the French are struggling to sustain the momentum they gained early on. The Burgundians are proving ruthless and tireless in the defense of their lands. Which units will falter? Which will stand their ground? Which will gain glory for themselves, King, and country? As the battle nears a crescendo, victory remains uncertain for both armies.
The Mad Duke of Burgandy chose well when giving command of his army to Gotfired von Stauffenberg (a.k.a. @Alpha Zwo ). He and his noble knights continue to fight bravely and ferociously despite significant losses. As expected, the Burgundian C&C and his band of Mounted Knights have hit the the French hard on their Right flank, catching tired and isolated knights as they frantically try to reform a line to meet them. Von Stauffenberg and his men slam into the closest group of knights before they can properly form up and immediately cause them to become disorganized.

Inspired by their mounted comrades fighting nearby, Sub-General von Heinsburg and his dismounted knights fight with renewed vigor, setting a unit of French Brigans to flight and disordering the rank of Mounted Knights attacking them.
Flanders T14-Von Stauffenberg.pngFlanders T14- Dismounted Knights.png

Across the rest of the line of battle....the Center remains somewhat static while at Center Right the French, under direct command of the C&C have seem to have held where the Burgundians had begun to break through their lines. At the far Right, Burgundian Offensive and Defensive Spearmen stand poised for an attack in the hopes of breaking the French resistance. Unknown to them, a unit of French Lancers is bearing down on them from behind their lines.....
Flanders T14-French Right.png
Unable to withstand the ferocity of the attack by Von Stauffenberg, French Mounted Knights break ranks and begin to flee. The Burgundian C&C and his knights pursue.

French Brigans an Mounted Knights assailing the Dismounted Knights being led by Sub-General von Heinsburg, tiring and with losses mounting, begin to waver. The Mounted Knights break off their attack, becoming disordered as pull back. The French Brigans immediatlely become disordered as they try to sustain the attack on their own.
Flanders T15-Bird's Eye View.pngFlanders T15-Von Stauffenberg.pngFlanders T15-Dismounted Knights.png

At Center Right the French have held against the push into their lines. French Offensive Spearmen, under the direct command of the French C&C de Bellay have been decisive in slowing the charge of Burgundian Mounted Knights. The threat from other enemy units still remains though. To their right, Burgundian Offensive Spearmen have engaged French Crossbow. One unit of Burgundian Offensive Spearmen becomes fragmented as ranks begin to lose cohesion due to men turning to defend their flank where only moments ago friendly mounted knights we fighting. To their rear, still unseen by the spearmen, French Lancers continue drive their steeds hard directly at the backs of the Burgundians.
Flanders T15-French C&C.pngFlanders T15-French Right.png

Behind the Burgundian line, French Sub-General de Chattilon fights against stubborn resistance from Burgundian Crossbow.
Flanders T15-Burgundian Rear.png
On the French Left, von Heinsburg and his Dismounted Knights have fought heroically and have broken the French Brigans.
Flanders T16-Bird's Eye View.pngFlanders T16-Dismounted Knights.png

Behind the Burgundian lines, French Sub-General de Chatillon, facing stiff resistance from the Burgundian Crossbow, has broken off his attack, just as Burgundian C&C von Stauffenberg arrives in hot pursuit of fleeing French Mounted Knights.
Flanders T16-Burgundian Rear.png

On the French Right, Lancers have finally arrived and helped shatter the attack by Burgundian Offensive Spearmen. Both units fragment and flee. A lone unit of Raw Spearmen continues the fight for the Burgundians but its becomes disordered under the pressure of the attack and with the panic of knowing they are completely isolated and exposed.
Flanders T16-French Right.png


  • Flanders T16-Burgundian Rear.png
    Flanders T16-Burgundian Rear.png
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The Battle of the Weeping Stones has come to an end.

French C&C Garnier du Bellay has won a great victory and claimed the territory of Flanders for the French King.
Field Of Glory Ii Medieval Screenshot 2021.04.25 -

What a tremendous battle this was! The final score does not do the Burgundian side justice. @Alpha Zwo fought one hell of fight. This could easily have gone the other way with if one or two more French units broke, which there was a real chance of happening. As it was, French troops rallying, as their Offensive Spearmen held the line, swung the battle in their favor.
Field Of Glory Ii Medieval Screenshot 2021.04.25 -

Another great game against a formidable, fearless opponent. Well played Alpha! Thank you for fun game! Look forward to the next one!