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Nope -- stepping out of the FOG tourney/campaign biz.
Hmmm. That's too bad. But from my perspective, I was surprised you had designed a new tournament that required multiple factions when you had pointed out earlier that there was not a big enough player pool at FGM for FOG 2 tourneys.

I know that you are frustrated with the duration of some of the turn rounds. But perhaps, instead of your obvious hard work being wasted, might I suggest that here at the halfway point of this tourney, that we add some rules about turn duration and player responsibilities to meet that duration. I think that any reasonable rule(s) you add to the tourney to keep it on track the current player roster would adhere to it. I would also offer up that if a player starts a turn but then can not meet the desired turn rate/time frame, then that person is assumed to have withdrawn his army from the battle and surrendered the province if defending and to have his team lose a point or two if they are attacking and the team has scored a positive result against another adversary.

It's up to you, of course, but it seems such a shame that your hard work and creativity should be in vain.
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