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Mass Effect - Legendary Edition (Release date 05/15/21)

I think I may be close to pulling the trigger on this franchise. It certainly has a lot of fans and a bankable history.
This Edition has all three previous games, all of the 40 DLC and a bunch of other stuff including promo weapons, armors and packs — remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.
There is also a 4th game called Mass Effect Amdromeda Deluxe Edition, but baby steps first.
Well, good news. It finally finished with the DL and after a very few minutes everything seems to be running just fine.
For the most part the UI is quite intuitive.
Dialog sounds good and player response choices are clear.
Graphics, while slightly cartoonish, are crisp and colorful.
Meet Cmdr Cortland Shepard.
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OK, after several hours of game play I am now through with the lengthy (your mileage may vary) tute/prologue and have left the Citadel Space Station
in my stealth frigate, the Normandy. We've learned so far that there is a rogue Spectre agent stirring up trouble in the galaxy with the possibility that, if
successful, he just might bring the whole thing to an unpleasant end. I've been promoted to Spectre status of my own and tasked with not letting him do
So far, so good. I like everything I've seen. I am particularly pleased to find (so far) that when there is combat it is story driven and not just mindless mayhem and
violence in order to keep the twitchy-fingered, FPS fanboys happy. This I can get behind whole heartedly!
Let the chase begin!