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Mega map tournament thread!



Hi everyone, I'm new around here and this is my first post but have been active on the CM community forums for some time.
I've been really wanting to try a concept that I haven't seen done before.. combining maps on a picture to create a strategic view.
This allows for regimental-divisional play in a campaign with plenty of freedom. Teams of multiple players can organize and compete
against each other in semi real time.
I have provided an example of my CMBS Master map below. It is friggin LARGE in paint - over 100 MB. It only fits on my Google Drive.
I got real bored making it the day of, and decided to call it quits before I polished it.
Alongside having a four-hundred square kilometer play space, rules must be established to play it.

Super Map Multiplayer Rules:

-Start with pre-defined TOE.
-Must be documented, reviewed after every engagement if in campaign.

-Works like WE-GO:
-Both players move for turn 1, turn 1 begins. Engagements, moves, scouts all get resolved in no particular order.

-Front lines and pre-game setup rules should be established and agreed upon by both teams before this point.
-Every move by a side into an opposing territory must be called, however they may not disclose their troop composition.
If the opponent has a force there they must call it, set up and prepare for the invaders. This allows for the ambiguity of
the attacking forces intent. This should prove useful in the case of scout missions, establishing a level of credibility
to them while still maintaining some stealth.

-Troops are allowed to move one territory per turn. If a MSR is present (A large, mostly straight paved road that runs from one side
of a map to another) and is the first move the troops may move two territories.
-Routing is allowed. If unable to rout back to friendly territory troops are considered captured. Use them wisely before cease firing.
-Air assets, off map artillery do not need to be accounted for.

-Artillery/Air Assets:
-Rules must be established per campaign.. divisions can have a LOT of tubes and support assets.

-Cool down:
-After attempting an attack (Win or lose) the aggressor's units are subject to one turn of cooldown where they cannot move. They can
defend and organize, but definitely require some shut eye.

-Coordinating with Teammates:
-Separate AAR threads should be made for each team, locked from the other (Hopefully the honor rule works well here).
-Turns must be completely finished (All battles resolved) before proceeding to the next.

-Losses, territorial gains/losses must be recorded and posted for campaigns for eventual tally (Squad -> XXX).

-Must be documented at end of match (Squad -> XXX).
-M-killed vehicles count as loss/captured if defender loses territory to attacker, or attacker fails attack against defender. Crews can be, and are encouraged to be saved.

Normal Map Design:
-Maps should typically include the following:
-Exit zones to touching maps, allowed to be two-three squares large(ONLY !). They must be placed on all reasonable
roadway exits, and are allowed to be planted on reasonable places of retreat.
- Objectives, all of which are set to "Known to player". All of them should be reasonably priced considering worth and will equate to
100 points altogether. If map does not have objectives set, they can be edited in after agreed upon by the teams.
-Maps will always have to be edited before match regardless, to adjust for objective point values, spawn zones, and exit zones.

Strategic Map Design:
-Must include objectives of its own. The worth of them should be decided by the teams before the campaign begins.

Geological Barriers:
-Not all maps will be perfect, so sometimes we have to add "barriers" to paint. These areas are only allowed to be empty voids from supermap design.
-Must be signified with deep bold markings, does not need text.
-Detours or bypasses through barriers will be a black line surrounded by two green lines leading between the territories.

~On The Drive~
Black Sea Master Plans - These are stupid simple pre game general plan maps.
Turn 2 - This is another strategic view of a turn. Blufor didn't really move, and Opfor decided to send in their scouts. This campaign was designed with the
1st Armored Division and the 42nd Guards Motor Rifle Division.


My hope in proposing this is to establish a community of mega map builders, cooperative tournament players, and make the appeal of CM greater.
Please let me know what you guys think interested or not. The rules are subject to change, as I've only written them off the top of my head tonight.
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Nov 28, 2011
Perth, Australia
Welcome. We ask all new members to post an introduction for themselves in the "Introduction Forum" first up and select an avatar.

Also setting up games between yourself and an opponent is all fine, however we do ask for any plans for group events to run it buy the admins at first. Don't worry we aren't killjoys it's just we like to keep tabs on bigger requests to make sure there aren't 10 different tournaments just for CMBN going at once. We can also provide some guidance were possible. @Badger73 is your first point of call.

Straight off the bat I can say somewhat confidently that yes we do have some keen modern era CM fans on these forums, however WW2 fans do outnumber them by a bit of a margin. :)


Thanks Ithikial, I made my introductory post. For my avatar, I will have to think a little longer for one that's worth it.


What a bummer! No input at all! :shocknaz:

Where are the command staff!?