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My condolences to you and your family, @Meat Grinder . I'm sorry for your loss.

I read the well written, great obituary that honors your father's life and merits.

"Jasper enjoyed his church work, gardening, hunting and fishing and being outdoors.
... two grand sons and three great grandsons"

I'm sure he had a long and good and fullfilled life.
He used the time that was given him on earth for good things and made the best of it.
One can hardly do it better or hardly ask for more.

Stay strong, Doug.
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Hey @Meat Grinder just caught this.... sorry to hear of your loss. I read the obituary, what a life your father lived... very fulfilling and doing stuff for others.

My Dad passed in 2013 and the guys here at FGM pulled me through a real tough time. I was broken... looking back now I realise its just all part of the process. Words I got given then and still hold dear are....

Those we Love Don’t go Away… They Walk Beside us Every Day.