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Movement glitch anybody?


FGM Colour Sergeant
May 19, 2016
Currently playing a small game of CMSF2. NATO Ambush at Darkush. I have a small Canadian force including several vehicles.

Two of my vehicles have a mind of their own. From a nice sheltered position, for each of the last several turns both of them have lumbered out into the open without orders. Each time I have ordered them to reverse back into cover on the next turn, which they do, but then it's off to the races again on the next turn after that. I have double checked each turn that they do not have movement orders. They're not under fire, and they're not running for better cover anyway, one of them always winds up completely out in the open. It's always the same two vehicles, and none of the other 5 vehicles I'm commanding.

Anybody else experience this in CMSF2? I've never seen it in any of the other CMx2 games.