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Mystery acronyms from CMCW latest game.



Hi all,

Not a military person, but love CM games. Just got the Cold War version and need some help.
Some units have titles that do not make sense to me.
What is a TACP and what purpose/in game will it give?
What is a FDC unit, same info needed.
None of the unit descriptions appear in any manual.
Thanks. Can I consider these like Forward Observers, for calling in artillery and aircraft?
Ah, will have to see. Response times, eh? Those could be better. Thanks.
Or just communication nodes ripe for an artillery strike since these things had a tendency to attract other vehicles and personnel
The FDC acts as the coordinators between the forward observer on the battle field and the artillery/mortars. Set priority and authorization for fire missions. That’s why there is a delay at times. They plot the observers position, friendlies positions and “safe” the mission before authorizing the mission. Usually in a M577 track way behind the front lines.
Super. Thanks for the detailed answer PM. Now I wonder how they are modelled in game, meaning the change if they got hit.
Take out middle management! Too early in the game to find out. I'm surprised they had nothing in the game CW manual, since this is a big change.