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New player looking for first matches - CM:BN, CM:RT, CM:BS


FGM New Member
Mar 17, 2024
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Northern Germany, Schleswig-Holstein
Hello, my dears!

I'm new here and would really like to play my first PBEM. I would also play 2-4 at the same time, because several moves a week are absolutely possible for me.

I've had some experience with CM, so I don't think I'm incredibly bad. I learned a lot tactically and game mechanics through YouTube videos and various campaigns and scenarios.

I have CM:RT, without BP and DLC's.
I have CM:BN, without BP, without Commonwealth, but with MG-DLC.
And I have CM:BS, without BP and DLC's.

Since the game is sometimes very expensive, more content is only added very gradually. Next up is definitely the Fire and Rubble DLC and Commenwealth DLC.

I would be happy if someone would like to take me by the hand and play a game with me.

My preferences are simple: a good mix, a battle of combined forces. The map should not be too big, but not too small either.

Everything else can be done by my playing partner with more experience.

I look forward to your answers. =)

If you would like to play with me, you are welcome to contact me via Skype, TS, Discord, Telephone... whatever. Then we can discuss everything else.

Thank you!
I own CM:RT, we can play a vanilla scenario, feel free to choose one, if you accept, then we can talk about how to share the match files (dropbox, email, etc...)
If you still want, i can play CMRT with no dlc. Also would like the size to be tiny to medium. I am not very good, it would be my first match.
If yes, write me

If you are still looking for an opponent for one BN MG scenarios or maybe QB set in MG setting I am up for it.