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NWS Rules The Waves



More a Admiralty management sim than a wargame, this is a brilliant game that can drive you nuts :)

You play as The Naval department of a major country during the transfer between pre-dreadanought and WWI.
Design your ships,
Stay in budget, whilst balancing Training, intel, design, maintenance, etc costs
Keep political masters onside
Avoid war until you're ready
Position fleets/ships all over the world.
and so on.

Lo-Fi Graphics but deep gameplay, it's very interesting game if you are interested in naval history/strategy.



Major difference will be time period extended to 1950's -So aircraft Carriers etc (Also Loads of improvements not graphics though - so still a design and admiralty level game)

Quoted from Rock Paper Shotgun's highly respected Tim Stone

"An early 20th Century focus meant players of multi-storey/story design-your-own-vessels naval wargame Rule the Waves didn’t have to fret about flattops and fascism. For admirals in the under-development sequel, fictionalised Avengers and Adolfs are likely to be major preoccupations.

With freeform campaigns that run well into the 1950s, Fredrik Wallin’s follow-up will have to grapple with simulatory challenges such as modelling search and fire control radar, and early forms of anti-ship missile."

looking forward to this - I've sunk some serious time into RTW