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Ribbons question(s)


One of the Few
@Bootie, If memory serves me correctly, I recollect that the Ribbons page showed both a ribbon description and listed the member award recipients. Now the Ribbons page no longer shows award recipients. If my memory is mistaken, just goes to show how far my medications are out of balance again . . . ;)

Is it possible to show award recipients? The reason I ask is that I'd like to know who the FGM modders and scenario designers might have been. (Not to mention restoration of bragging rights to past Ladder Champions!) Thank you.
Nothing specific I want to see, it's more about my suggestion because of the tournament (see my PM) and the ribbons I want to make for it, they should look a bit different. Well, maybe it is not sooo important.
Is perhaps nevertheless interesting for one or the other member. If I can somehow help to restore the page? I've heard that it is not so easy to host a homemade HTML page with these WordPress websites. However, I have not dealt with it for quite a while.
I can also program a crawlerbot that scans the site for all currently used ribbons. Should work, I just have a few other projects going on at the moment, before I can get to it.
Okay, I have extracted the data on Saturday.
I have found 166 active members with ribbons and 181 different ribbons.
I will analyse the data in the course of the week.
@Hohenfels seems like he knows his way around coding, he could be just the man to automate the ladder! :D

(I'd have a crack at it myself but my knowledge of coding is limited to html and at this point at least a decade out of date!)