Roman Civil Wars - FOG II mini campaign

I think the recent "The King Is Dead" mini campaign worked really well and was lots of fun.

So who's keen to play in a Roman Civil Wars FOG II campaign set in the Crisis of the 3rd Century, 235–284AD?

@Bootie @Josey Wales @chiquichops @Nelson1812 @Nathangun

Roman Civil War XX sample.jpg

Four (or three) factions fight it out to see who will control the Empire -- while at the same time Germanic Barbarians and Goths from the north and east and the Sassanid Persians from Mesopotamia threaten the borders.

FACTIONS WILL BE ASSIGNED AT START BY RANDOM DRAW! -- However, I will play the Barbarians/Sassanids whose moves/attacks will be determined by die roll.

Basically the same set up -- 5 turns, so nice and short and intense and basically the same scoring system.

Very similar simple rules, just one simple addition for use of fleets to attack across the Mediterranean and Black Sea.

The above map shows four factions set up -- if we play with three, then BLUE gets AFRICA, REDE gets THRACIA and GREEN controls ASIA, PONTUS, SYRIA and AEGYPTUS.


ROMAN: Romans (197 - 284AD)

FRANKS: Frankish (260 - 495AD)

ALAMANNI: Germanic Foot Tribes (260 - 592 AD)

GOTHS: Germanic Horse Tribes (260 - 492 AD)

SASSANIDS: Sassanid Persians (224 - 349 AD)

Let me know if you're interested -- as with previous mini campaign we can have two-player faction teams as well.


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Sep 2, 2020
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Granada, Spain
I love the idea.
Unfortunately, I'm going to be busy for the next few weeks and I can't guarantee getting online.
I'll have to sit this one out, shame.


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Consul Nathangunius is on board!

I've done a random draw for the 4 factions + Barbarians.

There's three Roman one-player factions and one Roman two-player team

Barbarians: myself ( @chiquichops will join me later as assistant barbarian horde leader)

1. BLUE: @Bootie & @Badger73

2. RED: @Nelson1812

3. GREEN: @Josey Wales

4. Purple: @Nathangun

Hope that works for you guys -- let me know.

Other option would be for three Roman factions: 2x two-player teams, 1x one-player team -- happy to go either way.

See set up map below:

Roman Civil War start setup.jpg

THREE Roman faction set up would look like this:

Roman Civil War start setup 3 factions.jpg
How about I play as a "substitute" general? If any of the factions get in a time crunch, I can take a battle here and there. Now that I am wrapping up the TDC Divisional tourney, I have the bandwidth. My main focus will be on @Rico's Swiss Campaign.
I'll put you on the reserve bench.
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