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Shadow Empires


FGM Company Sergeant Major
Apr 10, 2018
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Perth, Australia
I bought and started playing this game a month ago. I am really enjoying it. Its principally a wargame but has many layers to it, including unit development, combat formation development, government management, city building, pop management, resource management and leader management. As there are so many aspects it is complex but very rich. Hex size is 200km. I understand it is wholley or partly based on the Decisive Campaigns series.

It set on a futuristic post apocalyptic planet but most of the terms will be quite familiar to many players. There is also a quite a lot of "replayability" as different planet types play differently or can be set up differently, requiring different tactics and stratagems. Tech can start at ballistic weapons/ trucks and can grow through to laser weapons/nukes/aircraft. The AI can really surprise you at times, I recently had two battalions surrounded and decimated when I over extended myself on my second full game. Also in some situations you might be out-teched and overrun by the AI forcing you to fall back. Of course its not as good as a human opponent.