Smiley failure on comment board?!



errrr @Badger73
(Zinzan might just be feeling a little concerned about the abuse he's been dishing out recently ;))

I've come to notice a very minor error on this (crawling alert) amazing site of ours, which you manage so beautifully (desperation here) manage in a (Bloated personal sucking up ahead) professional & efficient manner.

< edit 1300 25/05/2018 Problem now gone, dunno why. Am assumming the affable @Badger73 fixed it in his brilliant and efficient manner. (Praise indeed :) ) >
If you attempt to "shock nazi" or "singer" on site I get the following :shocknaz::singer:(I'd like to make plain we both have NO-USE for shock nazi, but we do like the singer). If no-one else seeing this might be my PC rather than you.
(Win 10, FireFox Quantum 60.0.1 (64 bit), all updated, virus protected etc)
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