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Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe

Ah, I never got that screen, as I have the game executable linked to my start menu directly. I found the autorun executable in the installation directory however, and this gave me the menu you posted. Apparently I am fine and one only needs to download and install the most recent patch. Good to know, question answered.
Hi Guys,

With my recent interest in strat games revived (Warplan) I thought I might have a look at this - SC2 WIE. I know there is a new release SC2 WAW but I am more a War in Europe type of player. I understand the hex size is a larger size (km that is) in WAW.
Interested in your thoughts on WIE AI and the May 2019 update.

And your tips on learning the game.

I started a game as the Axis after that patch and found the AI to be better and they even launched a very successful Normandy/Brittany landing in 1944 that could have won the game for them but for very poor placement of HQs and successive reinforcements. So better, but still lacking somewhat. I suppose the Axis AI will be better as it doesn't have to deal with landings in the same way.