Tankovyi Desant AAR (Iron setting, Germans vs AI, turn-based mode). Part Eight: StuGs Forward (and back!)


FGM Private
Oct 20, 2019
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Dronfield, UK
Turn Rate
3-5 pw
2-4 games.
Wanting to halt the Soviet armour before it can cause too much damage to my dug-in infantry, I decide to bring both Edelweiss Leader and Edelweiss Two (on our right flank) forwards. A dual commences between the T-34/85s and the two StuGs

Edelweiss Leader uses HE to harass Russian infantry on the ridge of Point Schubert
Screenshot (157).png

While on our right flank, Edelweiss Two advances to the tree line and scores two hits on two different T-34s, striking their gun mounts on both occasions. Have their main guns been disabled?
Screenshot (160).png

Edelweiss Two's first victim is on overwatch at Point Mozart
Screenshot (162).png

While the second T-34/85 is struck at Point Schubert
Screenshot (166).png

However, unseen by Edelweiss Two, another T-34/85 crests the hill on my right flank, at Point Liszt, the final key terrain point that was identified by my initial scouts. This T-34 manages to spot the StuG IIIG, and targets it with AP rounds and MG fire
Screenshot (171).png

Screenshot (170).png

Screenshot (172).png

Thankfully Edelweiss Two pulls back into the woods and down a reverse slope, managing to escape the Ivan's attack
Screenshot (175).png

An overview of the situation. Edelweiss Two has retreated into the woods to avoid being hit by the T-34/85 that can be seen approaching the crossing point on our right flank. In the centre a second T-34 approaches the bridge, unseen by my armour, hidden in a dip. The two T-34s that were hit by Edelweiss Two have pulled back from Points Mozart and Schubert. The Russians are starting to make a move towards the objective. My infantry remain hidden, praying that my StuGs can halt the Russian armour before they spot them in their foxholes
Screenshot (178).png