Tankovyi Desant AAR (Iron setting, Germans vs AI, turn-based mode). Part Five: Four Minutes In


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Oct 20, 2019
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Dronfield, UK
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3-5 pw
2-4 games.
My overall plan, with my forces divided into defending the left, centre and right of the bridge, was to keep two infantry squads as lookouts in their foxholes, to report enemy movement and avenues of approach, while all other troops were to remain hidden and with a hold-fire order. I also instructed the StuGs to hold their fire against any infantry and to only target enemy armour if they had a clear shot. With this plan in place, my tactic was to destroy any Russian tanks before they could cross the tributary, whilst preserving my own infantry out of sight and ready to counter any enemy infantry that managed to ford the river. I knew full well that the only chance we had of holding the objective was to ensure that as many of my three StuGs as possible were operational until all enemy armour had been neutralised. If we lost these incredibly valuable assault guns while there were still enemy tanks present our plan to halt the Russians would fail and the bridge would surely be lost.

1st Squad (A Team), one of the two lookout teams, spot more Russian infantry and armour approaching Points Schubert and Mozart. This is the view from their position.
Screenshot (124).png

And this is a close up of their view, seen from the Russian side of the valley. Infantry move down the dirt track towards the ridgeline and the farmhouse, while a second T-34/85 provides overwatch from the tree line.
Screenshot (125).png

Meanwhile, the first T-34/85, with its tank-riders, crosses the ridgeline of Point Schubert and heads down the slope towards the tributary and our left flank. It spots Edelweiss Leader on the dirt road in the forest ahead and fires.
Screenshot (126).png

Fortunately the round strikes the slope in front of the StuG HQ vehicle, probably because the T-34/85 was firing on the move.
Screenshot (128).png

Four minutes in, these are the positions of the Russian forces that we are currently aware of, viewed from our side of the river. The T-34/85 on overwatch can be seen at the top of the map, in the treeline, while infantry make their way down the dirt track towards the ridgeline of Point Schubert. At the bottom of the map is the T-34/85 that has just fired at, and missed the StuG IIIG HQ vehicle. Tank-riders are on board and it is heading down the hill towards the ford just to the left of the bridge.
Screenshot (129).png