Tankovyi Desant AAR (Iron setting, Germans vs AI, turn-based mode). Part Three: The Plan (1) - The Right Flank


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Oct 20, 2019
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Dronfield, UK
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3-5 pw
2-4 games.
"After the sniper and tank-hunter teams had given me their report, I ordered them back to the area around Point Mozart. Here they would provide an advanced picket line/listening post, as the location would give them sight of any likely enemy advance, but also allow them to maintain visual contact with our own unit. However, as they were making their way back to Point Mozart I discounted this as an option and called them back, as I felt these men would be 'out on a limb' and more valuable bolstering the defences on our side of the tributary.

With all my infantry squads now safely within their foxholes, I ordered the majority to stay hidden and to set all fields of fire to no greater than 25 meters. I didn't want a trigger-happy soldier giving away our positions at an early stage!

On our extreme right flank I had positioned the MG42 heavy machinegun team, from where they could cover the approach to the bridge, the bridge itself and one of the three fording points.
Screenshot (90).png

Facing this fording point, I had positioned (from left to right) our solitary panzerschreck team, 1st Squad (A Team) including a Panzerfuast 30, 1st Squad (B Team) and finally, set back in the woods and behind a ridge, one of our three StuG IIIG's, codenamed 'Edelweiss Two'.
Screenshot (92).png

Of these units, only 1st Squad (A Team) remained unhidden in their foxholes, in order to easily observe any enemy forces approaching from the opposite side of the valley.
Screenshot (94).png

'Edelweiss 2', further into the woods and away from possible prying eyes, lies low behind a low ridge ridge.
Screenshot (95).png