Target, PC!

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The epitome of Combat Mission: excitement and frustration all rolled into one. A three pronged attack against this technical; the lynchpin being my best platoon leader and his RTO moving across the rooftops to fire straight down on their heads. The maneuver part worked. A few seconds prior to this screen, the RTO emptied half a mag straight down into the truck from fifty feet. You could see the impacts flashing in the back of the truck. Apparently not one hit that mattered. Now the ZU-23 has just about relaid onto the RTO...
The unofficial motto of the Silent Service was,"If you're not lucky, we can't use you." Guess I would've been out of a job back then.
All persons who put their fate in the hands of the sea agree with this, (it's more a truth than a motto :geek:.. :runner: ).