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[TV] The Last of Us - HBO Max

I have heard very good reports about it. I completed the game originally although I believe there is a bit of a difference to still watch the TV show. It was a toss up between this and Yellowstone to watch with the wife and we started Yellowstone which we are enjoying but Last of Us is next.
I have played the game and am watching the show and would recommend it. They have of course tweaked things slightly, Joel is a bit more damaged and Ellie is a bit more sassy to start with but the changes for the most part for me have worked. They added some extra stuff at the start to explain the virus and there is more time in the setup to get to know Joel and Sarah than you had in the game. It feels more fleshed out than the plot in the game was and that’s understandable given it’s a different medium and a lot of years have gone by for Druckman to think about things.

They are sticking very closely to the plot of the game though with the same major events in the same order, I just hope they don’t change the ending.
Fun bit of Canadiana for this TV series in a recent episode the main characters are seen using a wool blanket. Turns out that blanket is from a small family owned farm called Topsy Farms on Amherst island outside of Kingston Ontario. I know it because my daughter is an avid knitter and she and her fiance visit the farm regularly since it is a nice summer outing. I've been with them. Super nice location and great people. Amherst island is also known for its Owls - I have been there a bunch of times for photography.

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The farm's website for the product - second picture is on set: