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U-BOOT - preview by Tim Stone - out soon (30 April) - looks cool

I gave this another go considering there had been a couple of updates in June.

A major bug was and still is that I couldn't load the save game, but a 'work around' was to start the game from the desktop shortcut rather than the Steam client and your save game will load.

Now the mods. There are some good mods, here I have a list that I use below. Now the trick is to open the game steam and select 'open with browser (recommended)' and activate your mods from there. Then close that browser and start the game with the desktop shortcut.

The pick from the list are the 'TDC mod' and the 'U boat Expanded'.
The TDC mod adds a historical function when it comes to aiming your torpedos and the U Boat Expanded mod makes enemy convoys bigger and better protected, well most convoys.

My mod list:

In one mission I had to drop an agent on the coast of England near Cardiff port, then a follow up mission to recon the ports AA defenses.
In the screenie below I had to run a gauntlet of patrol boats and Corvettes with only a few meters between hull and seabed.


In another mission I had to sink The British Duchess which was supposedly carrying precious parts. Every time I tried to sneak into the convoy the destroyers would hear my engines and chase me off.


I eventually managed to sneak in and sent the British Duchess to Davy Jones Locker.

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