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ULAI 653BC (Epic Battles)

That was indeed interesting. Sure seems they were innovative in the form of war.
Group 1...Badger73 vs Wellsonian ...This is your battle to set-up as the Elamite side.
Group 2 ... This is your battle as the Assyrians, and Jolly Olly sets-up to plays the Elamite side.
It is a mirrored game, but with different opponients, so you get to play each side.

@Nelson1812 - Got it. Thank you.
@Wellsonian & @Jolly Olly - I am off-line entirely Saturday 30-March. I will get to this Sunday afternoon March 31st.
First result is in and it is historical - my Assyrians beat the Elamites of @Wellsonian :


The picture shows the total collapse of the Elamite right flank. Their massed archers are like butter to the hot knife of the Assyrian cavalry and chariots.
I'm not sure if the enclosures will help the Elamites much, but they might make the battle a little bit more even.

Thanks for the match @Wellsonian (y):)
Group 2 ... Badger73 as Assyrians vs @Jolly Olly as Elamites.
Assyrian victory. Win goes to @Badger73. Great game played by @Jolly Olly

Super fun fight @Badger73 !

Those losses don't quite show how close this battle was running at times. It was tough fought on both sides and the Elamites made more of a fight of it than I was thinking they would. On the second to last turn the Elamites managed to eke out a 1% lead with the Assyrians at 59% routed and the Elamites at 58%. It was very short-lived though. I think 3 Assyrian units rallied on the next turn and it was just a matter of them routing a couple of Elamite units in melee. It ended with a 60% to 53% win for the Assyrians. Boy...so close....so,so close...lol!

What a great fight and a lot of fun! Thanks @Badger73