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Walking in a straight line.


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Oct 21, 2021
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I noticed something like that with lorries, but now I was testing concealment (more about that), so I sent teams along long 3 tiles front woods. Move order from point A to point Z, but the may move to C or D (right or left), or H and T. They will move out of cover, into mines and anywhere else.

About the, limited, concealment test.
In one of them, first 5 casualties, 3 leaders and 2 soldiers; no LMG, no snipers. Out of 5 leaders and 15 soldiers.

Three trees provide protection, everything else is chaos, not random; there is a certain higher probability to see troops moving in the open. The only relevant factor is if the unit had the eyes open at the right moment, those "observation cycles". Between 8 and 170m there is no other relevant (enough) factor.
Worse, moving through a wood (number of trees irrelevant but from what tile they are looking out seems to be relevant [my RL life experience has a problem with this, in a patch of grass surrounded by trees/bushes I will see more than among the bush/behind a tree, because I will get myself where (in a Combat Mission) I cannot see]) the expecting side may get fire by an invisible enemy, so is not going to fire back, is not going to throw (irreplaceable) hand grenades; they will graciously let themselves get killed.

Worse, one guy with a rifle (even a SMG) cannot hit an enemy standing up and turning his back 8m away and then I get too many pot shots hitting crossing targets more than 200m away. That is completely possible, WW2, millions of rounds, but here, it looks like... Critical hit (0%): 30%, critical hit (100%): 30%, 50/50: 40%.

A good OP is not such, it's just luck. (Talking about a firefight).

All pTruppen are lazy. If you want them to move through difficult terrain, when there is any easier option, you have to give them orders where going the hard way is easier than leaving the hard terrain, crossing the easy terrain then re-entering the difficult going. The best example of this is when you want to advance up a swampy ditch: you have to give them a waypoint every AS, in the ditch, or they'll clamber out, jog along the lip of the gully and dive back in at the end. And sometimes that won't even work. Different movement modes can sometimes make a difference, because they apply different priorities to "getting to point B". Might be an occasion to use Move instead of Quick. It might be worth some experimenting under controlled conditions so you won't be surprised once the lead starts flying.
agree, have noticed in recent fights that you tell squads or scouts to move along a sunken stream bed and they decide to walk along the top of the bank instead and get shot at :rolleyes: come on BFC this sort of crap should have been sorted years ago!

Another bug bear is why cant we break down a squad when we have detached a 2 man scout team? They have to rejoin before it will break up the other 8 guys (CMFB,CMRT)