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Welcome all ye ancients aficionados from Chariot runners to Cataphracts

OK! Finally taught those ruffian Tutorial Romans a thing or two and won the Tutorial #3. Maneuver and killing off a lot of weaker units allowed me to deal with the hvy infantry so I didn't have to kill 'em all to get the win.
On to the Battle of Watling Street. So cool! Read up on this battle several months back so was pleased to see it on the Battle list. My Romans are holding but there are now some units breaking. Before it gets too bad I think I'll send my cavalry into the line and run down the peasants!
Yeah, I'm kinda getting into this now. Sorry I missed the recent tournaments. Won't happen again.
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Alpha Zwo

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Mar 22, 2013
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I have posted two MP challenges. My name on the Slitherine PBEM++ server is TomBombadil711, PW for both games is FGMFGM.

Any takers?