World of Tanks Roll Call

It has been quite some time since I picked up a new tank. Then I saw someone do a You tube on the Tier VIII TS-5 and it got my attention.
I passed on it when it first came out with it's "G.I. Joe" toy-like camo. Ugh.
However, it's now available without that crap and it (and others) is being presented in bundles as recommended by some of the CCs!
Yeah, they get 5-10% of the purchase price. I'm thinking maybe with the WoWs debacle a while back that WG has decided maybe they
need to quit pissing everybody off? Of course then there is that Russia thingie they got going too.
So, I took a closer look at the TS-5 and indeed it has a lot of problems. However, I started messing with it and decided using crew skills,
and various modules I just might be able to make it work. So here's what it looks like now all gussied up.
- Alpha gun with 400 HP damage
- Reload time of 7.63 seconds!
- Dispersion of .36
- Aim time 1.7
- Ave pen 248 and gold pen of 300!
- Frontal hull armor 260
- Hull traverse speed 33.22
- Concealment 23.22
- Spotting 425m (w/o optics)
- Ave DPM 3145!
- Gun depression -5 degrees
- Top speed w/turbo 30kph
- Spec Power 13.34 is the best I could do so it's a bit of a slug.
I think with that reload time I am going to really surprise some Red tanks that see me shoot and then think they have plenty of time to
YOLO me. I will be prepared to give them a really bad day.
I've always been, uh, below average when it comes to driving Light Tanks. I dabble occasionally to try to get better and
atm I'm driving this little beastie around. I'm using gold rounds so I have the 152mm pen w/700(ave) alpha. Yeah, the
bad news is that it also has .53 dispersion! That's worse than some arty!!
So. That means to hit & pen anything I have to sneak up on the target and hit them in the flank and then "Run away! Run away!"
Makes for an interesting game.
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